About Appticon

Appticon Pty Ltd is a software development business, both developing our own unique applications, BUT also providing a complete suite of services for others who wish to have their own applications developed or modified.

A unique mix of backgrounds and experiences has brought together a focused development team. Our team is willing to discuss your development specifications and work to assist in development of specification packages through to product delivery. Cloud based platforms is our central development philosophy, but we also develop Windows, iOS and Android applications. Our mantra, ‘focusing on the detail’ refines our everyday direction to ensure intuitive solutions for details that have been overlooked. The theme of ‘focusing on the detail’ drives us to be the best and always look for new development opportunities and niches. PAIRTREE Agricultural and IoT dashboard is designed to be a single source of information, that allows land managers to develop repeatable and objective decision making processes. ZIPMIN Meeting Manager is our flagship application, specifically designed to provide a centralized hub, for all meetings. Our Teams based approach allows easy meeting creation, distribution, recording and recall. Another key product Cata-Log © 2017, is solely dedicated to solving current gaps in CRM software and the data collection process for conferences and trade shows.

PAIRTREE, Farm Scale dashboard

PAIRTREE is an agnostic and independent cloud dashboard platform, that improves the ‘Interoperatibility’ issues between software and hardware devices and services. PAIRTREE complements data sets that farmers have within IoT devices, financial, market and social media packages and allows repeatable decision making. Never before have you been able to customise a dashboard with your data like PAIRTREE Our teams mix of agricultural background with business intelligence allows us to provide ‘Ringer Proof’ solutions that can be used in the paddock and office.

ZIPMIN© Meeting Manager

ZIPMIN Meeting Manager is our latest platform to better service the meeting process for face to face and teleconferences. ZIPMIN allows greater governance and productivity, through an extensive list of benefits that this cloud based platform enables. From instant PDF generation of minutes to ‘review and refresh’ of notes and materials from previous meetings. ZIPMIN stores all of your meetings (Agenda, notes, minutes, etc.) in the one spot for access anytime, anywhere, any device.

Cata-log© Conference

The Cata-log conference App, has been design to enhance conferences, seminars and meetings for all of the four main audiences attending the event. Each of these audiences Particpants, Presenters, Committee and Exhibitors, all require different functions and levels of service.

The App is also a unique professional development tool, that allows a progressive accumulation of meeting attendances and the collation of specific information to build and individualise any development pathway.

Cata-log© Event

Unlike traditional directionally based event apps that only service the visitor or patron, the Cata-log Event app provides heightened services to all three groups attending an event: Visitors, Exhibitors and the Organising Committee.

Existing contact and lead collection tools at Trade Events are usually very costly and the data is hard to manage. Appticon has specifically developed the Cata-log Event app to collect and retain all contacts on one site and for multiple events (read more, hyperlink to Exhibitors page).

Appticon Team

Hamish Munro / Director

Hamish's background of Management has been developed and refined across many different industries and business arenas.
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Robbie Scott / Director

Robbie has built his career based around leading technologies in IT, accounting and agricultural systems. Accountancy software development has provided Robbie, with a vast experience in customer support, product development and project management.
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