PAIRTREE – Ag and IoT Dashboard

 Cloud based analytics and decision making tool. Combine all of your financial, device, market feed data and more in


For farm and land managers that require live data feed for alerts or objective decision making. PAIRTREE  provides a unique balance between historic analytical capacity and streaming live data-sets for Alerts and monitors.

Information at your fingers tips is what we deliver. Traditionally all of your data is kept in a myriad of sites, apps and files, PAIRTREE is a dshboard that aims to combine these data-sets to improve your decision making capacity.

Data-sets include but not limited to Financials, Weather stations, Soil probes, Tank monitors, IoT devices, Commodity Market reports and many others. Our database management platform allows cross analysis of these sets of data within the one site.

Device – Display – Decision

Our  3D approach makes integration of data easy for managers.

Appticon is actively seeking further suppliers and manufacturers as integration partners, building a market place for leading decision making tools.


Pairtree alert Pairtree Dashboard Pairtree Dashboard1